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Claudia Brett BSc

Menopause and Health Promotion Coach

I became passionate about the subject of menopause when I re-entered professional life during my own peri-menopausal phase and faced barriers, lack of information and taboos.

My motto is: Empower through honest and evidence based information, offer choices and pathways to better quality of life, wellbeing and good health

throughout peri-/menopause and beyond.

I view a health issue by focusing on how the Social Determinants of Health affect women, using a holistic approach. I believe in empowering women to take stock of where they are during this transition into the next phase of their lives. By informing themselves they are in the best position to make clear choices for their health. Changing demographics show that women live longer and work longer too.

Life is not over by a long shot when women reach menopause.

I am an affiliated member of the British and Swiss Menopause Society and follow NICE guidelines.

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