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Is menopause proving a challenge for you? 

1:1 personally

for groups

in person

workshops and companies

private 1:1

We encourage women to take stock at this important point of their lives and offer 1:1 sessions as a one off or a set of sessions to establish how to address their menopause.

We offer time and empathy to really connect and address all issues affecting women. I want to empower women to feel knowledgeable and confident about the choices available regarding the management of their menopausal symptoms and issues.

It is often very difficult to have a conversation with partners, medical professionals or employers.

We offer pathways to dealing with symptoms, encourage motivation for change and increase confidence to be able to celebrate the new phase with as much quality of life and wellbeing as possible.


menopause and work

We offer information and education about menopausal issues at work to employers, managers, HR and staff through

 1:1 sessions or workshops.

Let's have that conversation...

because women are the fastest growing workforce in the UK and 

1 in 3 women currently working is over the age of 50.

Retaining talent at work and supporting staff through this transition is important. Companies benefit from saving huge costs of replacing loyal staff. It reflects very well on the company to value and nurture the work relationship too.

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women discussion group

community workshops

We offer workshops to open up the conversation and offer clear, evidence based information to empower women to understand the choices regarding their menopausal issues.


These workshops invite women to recognise their symptoms, open up and share their stories in a safe space. This builds confidence and encourages women to raise the subject with partners, employers or GPs.

Public speaker

'menopause and more' is always happy to speak to larger audiences at events and has given guest lectures at CIPD Oxford, University of East London and NHS Trust Oxford.


We want to reach out to as many people as possible to change menopause from a taboo subject to an unremarkable conversation. 

Audience and Lecturer
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