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What People Say

I cannot recommend Claudia highly enough. When I first went to see her in July 2019, I was really struggling with the menopause & had been since the summer of 2018. Whilst there is a lot of information out there it can be confusing. I didn't really understand what was happening to me & couldn't believe the huge effect it was having on me physically & mentally. If I hadn't been through it I wouldn't believe the impact it can have!!! Claudia was so understanding & knowledgeable. From my first session she was so easy to talk to & I felt completely comfortable. She listened to me & for the first time in a long time I didn't feel like a crazy person! I honestly cannot thank Claudia enough for all her help & advice and for caring, it has been truly invaluable. I am now in a much better place & feel more like me! Thank you Claudia!


I attended an intro session on Menopause which Claudia ran a couple of month ago, to try and find a way to manage my peri menopausal symptoms.
I found Claudia to be very articulated and knowledgable about this subject matter, as well as extremely supportive and caring. I now speak to Claudia on a monthly basis as her advice on diet, exercise and symptoms management really made a difference to me.

Karen H

I decided to have 1-2-1 sessions with Claudia after her inspiring talk about peri/menopause she held at our friend's house. We met over several month, as I was experiencing mild overall changes in recent years. I suffered from occasional night sweats, mood swings, lack of energy, all sorts of body pains and aches, indigestion problems and low libido, all were pretty much affecting my life daily and how I saw myself. There are loads of hidden taboos connected to peri/menopause subjects including vaginal dryness, loss of concentration and self esteem and many more.
Claudia thoroughly helped me to understand these and explained in detail what was happening to my body. She gave me tools to help myself and provided me with tailor-made support, told me about all options in terms of treatment available.
I can't than Claudia enough for all her support and would highly recommend her for her gentle, considerate but also direct approach, her professionalism is above par.


Without Claudia's clear understanding, constant reassurance, knowledge & advice during
our 1-2-1 sessions, I would have surely gone mad!

Thank you for helping me to recognise and cope with all my menopausal symptoms.


Claudia has been the calm voice of reason in all our HRT discussions, always informative and supportive. She has a fresh angle and her passion for the subject is clear for all to see.


Claudia has been a tremendous guidance and encouragement through my HRT choices and understanding of how these work. Thank you so much.


I think I am currently going through peri-menopause. So this evening was very helpful in every aspect. Thanks so much.


Thanks for starting the openness and discussion about this important stage of a woman's life.


It was a great introduction and overview, thank you.


This was a very interesting talk and it made me realise some of the symptoms I have had are due to the menopause.


Very informative, very objective, delivered with lots of empathy.


Interesting to find out all symptoms that I wasn't aware of before.


I really enjoyed it. I know only a little - will feel more prepared now.


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