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There is a lot more to menopause than many can probably think of and every woman experiences her own menopause differently.

Considering around half of the population are women, it is surprising that up until very recently menopause, which happens to every woman, has not been openly talked about.

'menopause and more'  offers to assess all aspects of menopause.

I want to raise awareness, reduce the stigma attached to menopause and break the still existing taboo.

Rock Maze

What we offer

  • 1-2-1 coaching for women, online or in person

  • educational talks for companies and groups

  • workshops for companies and groups


Through menopause and more I want to inform, educate and empower through honest and evidence based information. I offer choices and pathways to better quality of life,
wellbeing and good health

throughout peri-/menopause and beyond.

Claudia Brett

Upcoming Events

No events at the moment
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